• Laura Le Blanc

Clean & Simple Pop-Up Shop

We're bringing you the best cleaning products we can find to help you simplify your cleaning, reduce your footprint and eliminate toxic cleaners from you home.

Cleaning Studio was female-founded in 2015 as a response to a more natural and efficient way of home cleaning after a move to NYC. In their search for the best Eco-Friendly Cleaning products, the founders didn’t find a brand that offers truly natural products with professional-grade quality and a signature smell, so they had a mix of brands and fragrances and were totally confused...just as you when you go to the cleaning aisle at your grocery store.

Luckily, their background in Sustainable Architecture (LEED Associate), Residential Construction experience, helped them grow Cleaning Studio as a Premium Cleaning Provider, and of course, an alternative to traditional cleaning companies (yes, the ones that use harmful cleaning supplies and non-efficient methods). They decided to take action and build a brand that was true to their values.

They’ve been testing their proprietary formulations through their experience in the cleaning business and cleaning their own homes.

Cleaning Studio products are 100% handmade in small batches at their headquarters located in Fairfield, CT. Now, The Family Home is sharing their signature products with you so you can have the same Cleaning Studio experience in your home.

The Pop-Up Shop is open until May 24th! Use code ORGANIZEDVIP at checkout for 15% off!

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