• Laura Le Blanc

A Wakeup Cleaning Call for Mother Earth

I have to admit, I recently had a huge wake-up call.

It happened when our borders began to close, when schools and businesses were told to shut down and when people started clearing store shelves of disinfectant wipes and cleaning chemicals , and . . .  toilet paper.

The toilet paper I still don’t understand. . . but the chemical cleaners I guess makes more sense. I have to admit that when I was at Costco pre-pandemic preparing our pantry with supplies, I also grabbed a case of Lysol wipes.

But my wake up call came when my husband pulled them out to use in our home. 

Each individual wipe seemed so flimsy and ineffective and wasteful. 

Reading the container made me realize a single wipe would have to lie flat on a surface for 5 whole minutes for it to actually disinfect as it says it does.

No one does that. You’d have to use a whole box to disinfect you counter according to those directions.

Plus do I really want to use those on my counter where I prepare food?

And then there was the container itself. More wasted plastic. It’s the same with any store bought cleaner in a plastic bottle. The waste that comes for the packaging and production and shipping is huge. And for what? So people can pump chemicals into their homes?

This isn’t right, I thought. There has to be a better way. I, more than anyone, understand there is a place for proper disinfecting, just see my blog post here on COVID-19 cleaning. But proper cleaning and disinfecting doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment and we don’t need to fill our cupboard with a bunch of different chemical cleaners to do it. This was my aha moment. It’s more important now than ever to properly clean and disinfect our homes. The best ways we can protect our family from the virus is to stay at home, keep it clean and disinfect anything that comes in it.  We had these Lysol wipes which we rarely used in our home and it felt so weird. Because I generally just clean our house with simple ingredients I keep in my kitchen. But I go through more paper towels than I'd like to admit and there are definitely some other areas of improvement. There’s a lot of "eco" options out there, but are they effective and are they affordable, and how environmentally friendly are they really when we consider packaging and shipping and creation?  I decided I would commit our home to conscious cleaning by minimizing the amount of chemicals in my home, reducing the footprint our cleaning products have on the environment and being very conscious of our budget. I’d like to help you do the same. I’ve been doing my research and am teaming up with some amazing women-owned companies to bring you the very best cleaning options for your family home.  Get Your Green Clean On Join me on Thursday, May 14 at 2:30 EST in The Family Home Community to hear more. I’ll be there to talk about some products I’ll be bringing in, answer your questions, and to listen to how you want to change the way you clean your home.


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