• Laura Le Blanc

10 Simple Steps to Spruce Up Your Yard & Garden for Spring

This morning in Ottawa, Canada, we woke up to snow covering the ground and falling rather fast. A very unwelcome shock on May 8th and the Friday before Mother's Day.

Thankfully it was short lived and now, just past noon, the last remnants have melted into the grass -which is getting greener every day.

After nearly two months in isolation at home spring and the return of warm weather makes our spirits much brighter. I have been eager to get outside and see the garden spring to life, but have been eagerly waiting until the weather is warm enough to get my hands dirty and not risk disrupting the hibernating bees and butterflies.

Despite my eagerness to get outdoors, and I'm sure yours too, there is so much on our to-do list's lately. You'd think staying at home would make life easier, but if you're still working and juggling home schooling at the same time, plus having all your meals and messes at home, you're probably busier than ever.

Sometimes we know we've got to get something done, and even if we want to do it, we just wish someone would spell it all out for us to make it as easy as possible. So I've put together a little list to do just that. . . Spell out all the simple steps you can take to spruce up your yard and garden in a single afternoon.

1) Rake up leaves left over from the fall from lawn and garden beds & cut back plants & branches to encourage new growth.

2) Put away any remaining winter decorations.

3) Plant spring bulbs

4) Sweep the porch and walkway

5) Hook up garden hose

6) Wash the front door with dish soap and water.

7) Fertilize and seed grass and again later in the summer season.

8) Begin fertilizing trees and shrubs.

9) Mow the lawn once it is at least two inches tall and water as needed.

10) Begin window & hanging baskets, planters and annual flowers at the end of May or when risk of frost has past.

I hope your Mother's Day weekend brings warm weather and a day to do whatever you like at home.

You can always give this list to someone else in your family and have them do it for you ;)

P.S. – If you like having things spelled out for you and are looking for ways to make life easier, consider joining The Home Happiness Project.

It's the very best gift you could give yourself this Mother's Day!


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