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As a stay-at-home mom with two little ones, I hardly ever get a break. I find it so hard to stay on top of the mess when my girls are always around and was feeling really overwhelmed until I started working with Laura. She helped me organize my entire house, but more than that, she taught me how to align with my self and get clear about what I really wanted from my home and family. She helped me set realistic standards and expectations that helped manage my stress and create necessary boundaries to prevent burnout. I am so much more present as a parent now and have way more patience with my kids and husband. Laura is so much more than a home organizer and her program truly changed my family's life.

Shaun Gorrie,

Mom of Two

Michelle Wahula,

Entrepreneur and Mom

Laura has the unique ability to hold space for both the modern mother and organizationally challenged. She has an attuned and empathetic presence that is going to support you in understanding who you truly are, tap into whats really holding you back, and teach you to implement realistic and loving organizational routines for yourself and your family.


Her work empowers you to hold your home and family in their highest potentials for love and harmony! I recommend Laura to anyone who is overwhelmed at home and looking to feel amazing inside and out. 

Michelle Wahalu,

Spiritual Entrepreneur and Mom

I had the opportunity to work with Laura and I can honestly say that she has truly nailed a wholistic approach to creating a beautiful space to come home to and to entertain. Laura has a true gift for organization and has combined that with helping us to heal and truly radiate who we really are deep down in our spaces. I highly recommend Laura and her work to truly create a space you are proud of.

Monique Conner,

Marriage Counselor and Mom of Three

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My unique combination of expertise, including life coaching, professional organizing, productivity consulting and trauma healing will help you reach your full potential and develop divine connection with your family.

Clear the clutter

I will help you release the clutter from your home

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your entire life

The path between our physical and mental worlds isn't clear to everyone, but I'll help you find it.

You'll be amazed how life falls into alignment when you balance your physical environment.

About Laura

Laura Le Blanc is the founder and CEO of The Family Home and the creator of The Home Happiness Project. An organizing, productivity, and personal development powerhouse, Laura is leading the charge in teaching balanced living while creating happy, organized homes and families.

Using the principles she teaches, Laura Le Blanc went from a burnt out, people-pleasing perfectionist to an empowered entrepreneur, all while finding balance in her home and family.

Over the past few years, Laura has passed on her proven process to help parents all over the world. Laura combines a unique brand of "fierce love, spiritual insight and advanced organization and productivity strategy to co-create profound transformations and huge personal growth for her clients. Since starting The Family Home, Laura's focus has been on helping parents reduce stress while creating happy homes for their families.

Laura’s work is revolutionizing the self-development and organizing industries and helping parents everywhere create the home and life of their dreams.