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The Home Happiness Project

Calling anyone whose ready yo learn how to run their home and stop letting their home run them. If between the house, the kids, your career and community commitments you feel like you’re stretched too thin to even think about carving out a moment for yourself or relaxing at home, it's time to make some changes! 

Your dream home doesn't need to be just a dream. You're ready to move beyond the clutter and chaos that is making you crazy at home, keeping you isolated - dreading inviting friends over even if you could - and building walls between the people in your home. If you're tired of exhausting your energy but still want everyone to be happy, The Home Happiness Project is perfect for you!

It’s time to shift from feeling totally overwhelmed by your to-do list to getting everything done, with help you didn’t have to beg for! It’s time to create the home and life you've always imagined while you find your truth, voice, and productivity power. In addition to walking you through every step of organizing your entire home, The Home Happiness project will help you transcend overwhelm, and burn out for good and begin to chart the path to your full potential.

Less stress. Less work for everyone. More love, happiness, and connection in your home.


You could have Marie Kondo herself come and organize your whole house, but the truth is, if you’re not being true to yourself and what’s causing the chaos and feelings of overwhelm, you’re going to end up right back where you started. It’s time to connect to your deepest desires and rid your home and life of clutter and chaos for good.

The Home Happiness Project is a powerful home organizing, productivity and self-development program designed to transform your entire home and make your whole family happier in the process!


  • Your entire home is clutter-free and organized top to bottom...without you having to take a week off of work or fly Marie Kondo in to rescue you from your mess. 


  • No more feeling stuck in guilt, shame, burn out, and people pleasing perfectionism, and shift into seeing yourself and everyone else as whole. Learn to set boundaries, love, value, nurture, and respect your time and space. This is where your fearless and unapologetic NO’s begin.

  • You manage and maintain your gorgeous, orderly home as a partnership with minimal effort and stress in a way that keeps everyone accountable and happy!


  • You find fun and joy in your daily family life as you drop the stress and overwhelm from your schedule. I will show you how to align your space, time and spirits.


  • Remove the guilt from wanting time for yourself, and shift into a confident being who claims their right for time to do the things which light up your mind, body, and spirit with rejuvenating joy.


  • Create the home of your dreams!

A four month  immersion to ditch the mess and the stress and create the home and life of your dreams!

The Home Happiness Project


Over 16 weeks you will received: 

  • 12 x Happy Home Masterclass Modules VALUED AT $500 each

  •  Digital Workbook 

  • 1x weekly 45min LIVE Q&A session VALUED AT $100 each

  • 4 months Private Facebook Group support VALUED AT $4,000



Module 1: Saving Your Storage Space - Making room for more of the good by letting go of the old, unused and unwanted. You will learn how to declutter and organize your storage space and experience an immediate energy shift in your home and mind when everything is lighter. VALUED AT $500


Module 2: Decluttering the Spirit  heal and release emotional clutter tying you to the past, let go of limiting beliefs and shift into a new realm of time where you feel refreshed, energised and ready to take on the world. VALUED AT $500

Module 3: A Whole-Hearted Vision - Setting your sights on your deepest desires and discovering with crystal clarity your vision for a happy, whole-hearted home. We’ll identify your biggest issues and learn to live with intention. VALUED AT $500

Module 4: Sacred Sanctuary - Understanding the importance of self-care and serving from a soul-filled cup. Together, we’ll create a sacred sanctuary for you to rest, relax and rest. This includes your master suit. VALUED AT $500


Module 5: Kitchen Dreams - Improve how your kitchen functions for your family, make meal times less stressful and maximize connection and flavour. VALUED AT $500

Module 6: Kid Connection - This is about giving kids their space and your time. Providing a place to rest , relax and reset allows children to feel connected to their space and thoughtful presence from parents helps them thrive in life. Plus, every family needs a perfect place for play to maximize the fun and laughter! VALUED AT $500

Module 7: Creating Clean - Organizing your bathrooms and linen closets to suit the way your family functions is going to make every day run smoother.

Module 8: Keeping It Clean - dealing with life’s messes without the stress. Learn how to manage expectations and responsibilities on cleanliness while we organize your laundry/mud room. VALUED AT $500

Module 9: Your Home at Work - managing work life balance, creating a family command centre and organizing your work and creative spaces. VALUED AT $500

Week 10: Great Outdoors - Bring the happiness beyond the walls of your home as you cultivate a love of the outdoors, handle stress-free seasonal switch-overs and organize outdoor storage and living spaces. VALUED AT $500

Week 11: Grateful Hearts - Nurturing a spirit of gratitude in your family and creating gathering spaces that everyone will be grateful for. VALUED AT $500

Week 12: The Home Happiness Life - Time for what lights you up, celebrating how far you’ve come, managing maintenance, setting goals for the future. VALUED AT $500

TOTAL VALUE: $ 11,600



The Home Happiness Meditation ! 


Planned Introductory Price


Limited Time Covid-19 Offer!


You choose a one-time, monthly, or bi-weekly payment you are comfortable with. I only ask that its enough to ensure you are committed to the process.

The only catch is we must be a good energetic match. I want to ensure I feel strongly that I can help you, so schedule your call to apply now!

Offer valid until June 1, 2020.

What my clients are saying. . .

Shaun, Mom of Two

As a stay-at-home mom with two little ones, I hardly ever get a break. I find it so hard to stay on top of the mess when my girls are always around and was feeling really overwhelmed until I started working with Laura. She helped me organize my entire house, but more than that, she taught me how to align with my self and get clear about what I really wanted from my home and family. She helped me set realistic standards and expectations that helped manage my stress and create necessary boundaries to prevent burnout. I am so much more present as a parent now and have way more patience with my kids and husband. Laura is so much more than a home organizer and her program is life changing!

Monique, Marriage Counselor & Mom of Three 

I had the opportunity to work with Laura and I can honestly say that she has truly nailed a wholistic approach to creating a beautiful space to come home to and to entertain. Laura has a true gift for organization and has combined that with helping us to heal and truly radiate who we really are deep down in our spaces. I highly recommend Laura and her work to truly create a space you are proud of.

Michelle, Mom & Entrepreneur

Laura has the unique ability to hold space for both the modern mother and organizationally challenged. She has an attuned and empathetic presence that is going to support you in understanding who you truly are, tap into whats really holding you back, and teach you to implement realistic and loving organizational routines for yourself and your family.


Her work empowers you to hold your home and family in their highest potentials for love and harmony! I recommend Laura to anyone who is overwhelmed at home and looking to feel amazing inside and out. 

Why work with me?

Laura is unlike any other coach out there!

Laura Le Blanc is the founder and CEO of The Family Home and the creator of The Home Happiness Project. An organizing, productivity, and personal development powerhouse, Laura is leading the charge in teaching mindful living and raising balanced homes devoted to contribution.

Using the principles she teaches, Laura Le Blanc went from a burnt out, people-pleasing perfectionist to an empowered entrepreneur, all while finding balance in her home and family.

Over the past few years, Laura has passed on her proven process to help homeowners, parents and young professionals all over the world. Laura combines a unique brand of fierce love, spiritual insight and advanced organization and productivity strategy to co-create profound transformations and huge personal growth for her clients. Since becoming a mother, the only resolution Laura has stuck to is spending more time with family and doing the things that light her up. She’s never been happier!

Laura’s work is revolutionizing the self-development and organizing industries and helping families everywhere find balance in their lives and happiness in their homes!

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